Porsche Panamericana


Eight 356s, seven 911s, a 912, a 914 and an RSR competed in the motors-marathon spanning seven days and 3700 kilometres. As usual, the pilots focused on only one thing from the very beginning: speed! On the road from Queretaro (located 200 kilometres northeast of Mexico City) to Puebla in the Sierra Nevada, the race drivers completed seven very demanding and extremely curvy speed-legs and mastered a transit route of over 527 kilometres. All in all, the first race day took the drivers through 635 kilometres of mountains and jungle. Depending on the altitude, temperatures varied between ten and 30 degrees.


Several race cars strayed from the road, grazed the rock face or overturned. However, there were no serious injuries thanks to the high security standards with roll cages and nets – and the teams’ many mechanics will probably be able to fix most of the mechanical, material and car damages overnight.


German Carrera-debutante Frauke Feess, who is on the road in the yellow Porsche 356 B with her pilot Christian Jäger, is full of enthusiasm: “The Carrera is just the way I dreamed it to be: There are great people here and I love the spirit. I am having lots of fun and I think that the roadbook and I are getting along splendidly.” Pilot Jäger smiles. He knows that many more challenges still waited for the two of them and their 53-year-old sports car.


The Carrera-Pilots made lasting memories on the day’s leg from Puebla to Mexico City, which was exciting, exhausting and adventurous. Eight full throttle-legs across 93 kilometres and transit sections of over 515 kilometres had to be completed.


Due to it being a Saturday and 25 degrees out, many spectators gathered along the tracks that were flanked by thorn bushes, cactus forests and jagged rock faces. They barbecued, partied, marvelled and cheered alongside the road. After the last speed test, thousands of fans welcomed the exhausted pilots enthusiastically in the dust-dry western town Tehuacan. Countless pictures were taken, videos recorded and autograph cards were distributed.


Two Porsche 911s, constructed in 1969 and 1973, are pretty far up in the overall placings after day two. German Carrera debutante Frauke Feess and her pilot Christian Jäger also had a reason to celebrate at the daily awards ceremony: with their Porsche 356, they made third place of the day in the category Sport Menor. “Everything is premium”, says co-pilot Frauke Fees, who is somewhat exhausted but happy. “And by that I don’t mean our premium gas.”



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